Something Big is Brewing: Sandbox (SAND) Price Prediction

• Sandbox (SAND) is approaching a cliff unlock date where an additional 372 million tokens will be unlocked, valued at over $292 million.
• Crypto tokens have tokenomics that define the distribution of initial tokens, and a cliff unlock is one situation baked into this system.
• The SAND price has been dropping in anticipation of the cliff unlock, but there have been cases where prices rose after such dilutions occurred.

Sandbox (SAND) Price Prediction

The Sandbox (SAND) crypto price has been declining as it approaches its upcoming cliff unlock date when an additional 372 million tokens will be introduced to the market, valued at over $292 million. This will bring the total number of SAND tokens in circulation to 2.1 billion and dilute existing holders‘ holdings.

What is a Cliff Unlock?

Crypto tokens have tokenomics that define the distribution of initial tokens. A cliff unlock is a situation that is baked into these tokenomics which increases the number of tokens in circulation; currently only 56% of all SAND tokens are now in circulation with the remaining 44% locked away and valued at over $1 billion.

Will Sandbox Prices Rise or Fall?

In some instances, cryptocurrencies tend to rise when new coins are introduced due to positive news or partnerships announced by companies; for example, on Wednesday, Sandbox announced a major partnership with Saudi Arabia Digital Government Authority although details about what this partnership entails remain unclear. However, there have also been cases where companies postponed their cliff unlocks due to fears about dilution; dYdX being one example.

Sandbox Price Prediction

Turning to the daily chart for SAND/USD we can see that it has pulled back slightly below its resistance point at $0.9800 (the November 5 high). However, it still appears as though it may be forming a cup and handle pattern which could indicate a bullish sign ahead of Monday’s cliff unlock date so investors should keep an eye on this development closely before deciding whether they would like to buy or sell SAND crypto.


The upcoming cliff unlock for The Sandbox on Monday could cause either an increase or decrease in its price depending on how investors react which remains unpredictable until then; however there are certain indicators suggesting that prices may rise instead so traders should observe developments closely before making any decisions about buying or selling SAND crypto.