Cronos & Protocol Labs Partner to Boost Web 3 Adoption

• Cronos Labs has announced a partnership with Protocol Labs, the creator of Filecoin and IPFS.
• The deal will see the two companies provide finances and other tools to companies building in their ecosystem.
• Creators in the Cronos Accelerator Program will receive mentorship and technical support from the two companies.

Cronos Partners with Protocol Lab

Cronos Labs has recently announced a major partnership with Protocol Labs, the creator of Filecoin , a popular decentralized storage platform. This deal is intended to provide financial and technical support for startups looking to build on their respective ecosystems.

What Does The Deal Include?

The agreement between the two companies will offer financial assistance as well as other resources for developers looking to build within their ecosystems. Winners of Cronos‘ Accelerator Program will be provided with mentorship and technical support from both organizations.

About Filecoin & Cronos Labs

Filecoin is known for its leading decentralized storage system that is used by many developers; it recently launched FVM (the Filecoin Virtual Machine). Furthermore, they have developed Filecoin Web Services which provides tools such as Kubernetes and containers for developers. On the other hand, Cronos Labs is one of the 11th largest DeFi chains worldwide with over $416 million in total value locked (TVL). They are backed by, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in operation currently.

How To Buy Filecoin

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In conclusion , this new partnership between Cronos Labs and Protocol Lab highlights an optimistic outlook towards progress within web3 infrastructure projects; pushing boundaries while creating transformative impacts through computing breakthroughs .