Buy Crypto Directly From dApps & Wallets with Robinhood Connect

• Robinhood has launched Robinhood Connect, a new product offering seamless crypto integration for dApps and wallets.
• Customers can directly buy or transfer crypto from within the dApps and also fund their Web3 wallets with the on-ramp feature.
• Giddy is among the first mobile wallets to integrate Robinhood Connect.

Robinhood Launches New Feature: Robinhood Connect

Robinhood, an online brokerage for stocks and crypto investing, has launched a new product that allows customers to easily buy and transfer cryptocurrencies while also funding their Web3 wallets. It is called Robinhood Connect.

Seamless Crypto Integration for DApps and Wallets

The new low-cost on-ramp feature allows customers to add funds to their wallets from decentralised applications or third party wallets without having to leave the dApp or connect to their Robinhood Crypto account first. Developers are able to tap into seamless integration for Connect which makes embedding the feature easy in any project allowing customers to buy tokens via the brokerage platform and send them to self-custody wallets.

Giddy Among First Mobile Wallets To Integrate On-Ramp Feature

Giddy, a self-custody, recoverable smart wallet app powered by Polygon was among the first mobile wallets announced by Robinhood as integrating its on-ramp feature through Connect. The program will be rolled out to other platforms over time as well.

Goal Of Boosting Crypto Adoption

Johann Kerbrat, General Manager of Robinhood Crypto said during launch at Consensus 2023 that this demonstrates the brokerage platform’s commitment towards boosting crypto adoption by making it more accessible and easy to use.


With Robinhood Connect, users can now buy Bitcoin or other tokens instantly with a balance in their accounts and easily transfer them into self custody wallets such as Giddy with just one click – significantly reducing friction when engaging in cryptocurrency purchases or transfers from within dApps or third party wallets.