AltSignals: AI-Powered Trading Platform Raises $840K in Presale

• AltSignals recently surpassed its presale goal of $1 million.
• The ASI token is trading at $0.015 and could rally higher once it lists on exchanges.
• AltSignals is developing a suite of AI products designed for cryptocurrency traders.

AltSignals (ASI) Price Prediction

AltSignals has recently achieved a major milestone in its effort to raise funds, surpassing its presale target of $1 million. The ASI token, the native token of the AltSignals ecosystem, is trading at $0.015 per token during the presale and could experience a price surge once it lists on decentralised and centralised crypto exchanges.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an exciting project that could prove to be beneficial to cryptocurrency traders and other types of traders such as forex, stock, commodities, and indices traders. It is developing a suite of AI products designed for cryptocurrency traders and investors to optimise their activities.

Cryptocurrency Market Performance

The cryptocurrency market has been performing well since the start of the week with prices trading in the green zone indicating improved market sentiments following the debt ceiling agreement in the United States. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies doing well so far, investor eyes are now on tokens like AltSignals which are still in their pre-sale stages.

Price Prospects for Tokens In Presale

As mentioned earlier, AltSignal’s presale has exceeded its target goal of $1 million dollars with 78% funding achieved so far making investors curious about what will happen when it lists on decentralised or centralised exchanges after raising money through its current pre-sale stage.


Overall, AltSignal’s success in crossing over its presale goal means that there are good prospects for its native ASI token once it lists on exchanges after completing its presale stage as investors will have more access to buy into this project as part of their portfolio diversification strategy due to positive sentiment around AI-based projects currently being developed in this space .